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Thanks for gracing the support section of my page! Before I formally introduce myself, please know that ALL support levels get a little something extra and the Podcast will always remain free! 

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I'm KC Johnston, Narrator of Story Tale Podcast and Fantastical Audiobooks for the Listenings! Budding Author and YouTuber.

Story Tale Podcast:
STP is the dream of bringing Professional and FREE Short Story Audiobooks directly to your ears written by amazing Authors. Season 1 of STP was 12 episodes long and housed stories from the new and budding authors all the way through USA Today and NYT Best Sellers! And is available on your favorite podcast app! Season 2 is gearing up to be 18 Episodes (or more) from your favorite and SOON TO BE Favorite Authors! Focusing on stories that may have been seen in print, but have never been heard in Audio.

Producing these podcasts takes more time than most people realize. Did you know it takes on average 6 or more hours to record, edit and master one single hour of finished audio? Just 1... And that's not including all the other content and work created for the podcast. Don't get me wrong, Every minute of that time in my booth is great fun, and I would not trade it, but for STP to grow to a wider audience and continue to produce at a high quality and hopefully higher rate, we could use your help! EVERY Single tier, just like every single Dollar is worth something to all of us and has some reward, growing and changing as we all do! 

As well, Patrons will get first updates on upcoming full length audiobooks I narrate and I'll be tossing around free audiobooks from time to time! And of course you'll get updates first on anything else I'm working on from my own short stories, the novel i'm working on and i'll let you know when there is a new video coming out... and that's in addition to the listed Tiers. 

​Thanks for lending me your ears! I'll read to you next time!


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Helpful A.I. ($1)


Every single dollar helps, and I thank you! With this tier you will get advanced notice of the upcoming episode title, genre and author name.

Viking ($3)


You did it! You may be a barbarian, but you are a true warrior... I'd like to formally thank you by having you on the websites Wall of Honor. Legends will be passed down for generations, shouting your name! Or... at least the monthly list... and I thank you! 


Space Marine ($5)


WOW! Thank you for doing your part in saving the system! We can keep telling people about space marines like you, dragons and everything in between because of help like yours!

We'll send you a Story Tale Podcast Current Season Sticker, available to our patrons only! At least one new sticker will be sent every season. 


Battle Mage ($10)


Fantastical! Thank you so much for believing in these magical stories and helping us tell of more myths and legends! Legends like you!

1. We'll send you a Story Tale Podcast iron-on patch, in all it's majesty! (updated and sent every season)

2. Early access (at least 2 days) to every episode. Hear it before anyone else!


Fleet Officer ($20)


Thank you Sir/Ma'am! *(solute)*... your leadership through battle has been stellar and key in keeping the system safe and filled with wonder and imagination! Fleet Officers like you need to  know the inner workings of the ship!

Enter the Portal (my booth) for exclusive behind the scenes access. I'll record, each episode, mistakes and all, uncut with all the bloopers... so many bloopers... And you'll get to see how an audiobook is recorded + I'm embarrassing myself for your pleasure and entertainment... not to mention you'll be experiencing the story in a way no one else will! The figuring out tempo changes, character voices, tonal changes and reworks!


Thank you!


Supporter wall of honor

Welcome & Thank You Vikings, Space Marines, Battle Mages and Fleet Officers!

Listeners and supporters alike are integral to the success of this podcast! To those that support this podcast at any of the tiers listed above, we give you a special thank you! This is just the beginning of our journey together! This Wall of Honor is dedicated to those brave few, which we hope to turn into many! With our greatest appreciation!

Clarence Carter -  Viking Warrior, wielder of the iron axe and master with the Seax!