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Episode Guide

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Current Season (2)

Episode 1: You Will Know written by John D. Payne

Episode 2: The Mage and the Freckled Frog by Craig A. Price, Jr.

Episode 3: Dandelions by Stephanie Scissom

Previous Seasons (1)

Episode 1: Sol Crystalis Miracalis written by Quincy J Allen

Episode 2: Three Orcs in a Boat written by Travis Heermann

Episode 3: The Dirges of Percival Lewand written by Aaron Michael Ritchey

Episode 4: Leaving Bordeaux written by Lou J Berger

Episode 5: Takers Find Givers written by Mario Acevedo

Episode 6: Recording Devices written by DJ Butler

Episode 7: And Those Like Us written by Kevin Ikenberry

Episode 8: Colt the Outlander: The Blood Prize written by Kevin J Anderson

Episode 9: Jazz City Blues (A Quincy Harker History) written by John G Hartness

Episode 10: Loathsome Creatures written by Amity Green

Episode 11: High Tides written by Christopher Robin Negelein

Episode 12: Ghost Mode written by David Michael Williams

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