KC Johnston-Audiobook Narrator & Author

Narrator/Author Bio


KC Johnston is a former fine woodworker and blacksmith, turned audiobook narrator and author. First and foremost, he’s the father to four amazing little girls and husband to an amazingly beautiful and supportive wife. 

He’ll tell you he’s just an artist trying his best to get his art out. 

Growing up in the small Southeast Texas town of Orange, KC likes to think of himself as just the right mix of country and bayou. When not hunting or fishing, he was reading, writing or building. He always had a fascination with how the fantastical characters on the pages would sound and spent countless hours practicing odd voices and teaching himself accents to bring his favorite characters to life. 

As a woodworker and blacksmith, he built furniture that ended up in homes of celebrities and politicians, and knives that ended up in the kitchens of Michelin Star chefs before his Essential Tremors took much of the dexterity needed for such ventures. 

When the dexterity in his hands started degenerating in 2016-2017, he decided to prepare for an artistic change. In 2018 he partnered with Chris Kennedy Publishing and performed his first audiobook, Salvage Title, and is now well known as the voice of the Salvage Title Universe, amongst others (Click the library link for other titles). 

It seems fitting that his first published authorial work, What’s Our Ship’s Name, would be featured within that same universe in the anthology, Salvage Conquest. When not in the booth narrating, he can be found at his desk writing and has several stories looking for homes and a few books in various stages of completion! Be on the lookout!


Team Johnston!