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Salvage Title by Kevin Steverson


Harmon is the best MechPilot and Fleet Officer in the defense fleet, but he was born on the wrong side of the Solar System on the planet Joth. Can best friends Clip and Zerith, a friendly AI, some space opossums and a 2000 year old ship help Harmon save his home system? 

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Bridgeworld - Travis McBee


Science Fiction... Will's life had always been normal. Normal school, normal friends, normal small town. But he had always thought that his parents might be a bit abnormal. Little does he know that they have been hiding a secret from him his entire life. Not only are they not normal, they're not even from Earth. And when Will is suddenly given a chance to attend the Bridgeworld Academy, his parents' Alma Mater in space, he finds out just how little he knew.Time for High School in space! Bridgeworld Academy, here he comes! 

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Space Rogues: The Epic Adventures of Wil Calder, Space Smuggler - John Wilker


When Will Calder's experimental space craft dies and drifts freely in space, he'll die alone in space right? OR! He'll be saved and go on EPIC adventures as the captain of an unlikely and amazing crew! Space crime bosses, heists and stopping an intergalactic war! Yes Please! Think what you'd get if Farscape meets Buck Rodgers meets the Guardians of the Galaxy! 

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Salvage Fleet (Salvage Title Book 2) - Kevin Steverson


One ship isn't enough... now their's a fleet! But will it be enough to defeat a vengeful Squilla & Krift aliance a second time? Will Harmon and crew save the system front both external and internal invasion? FIND OUT in BOOK 2!

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*Post Production/Available soon: Update 4/30/19* Space Rogues: Big Ships, Lots of Guns - John Wilker


The adventures continue in book two, there are laughs, a few tears (of sadness and joy) and the first ever Taco Tuesday in space! If i say much more I'd be giving it away! Book 2 does anything but disappoint! 

*Currently Recording* Salvage System (Salvage Tittle Book3) - Kevin Steverson


They couldn’t afford a ship or a fleet…and now they have a whole system to defend!

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*Up Next* Stone of Matter - B.L. Barkey


Titans wage war over the Creation Stones, seeking the final hidden Stone of Matter, whilst revealing glimpses of the Greater War.   

Ammon walks through dreams, witnessing the powers of light and dark. He realizes who are his true friends and who are Hooded. After experiencing the true nature of these Stones, he must choose which paths he will tread. Only one thing remains clear. The world of Proelum, and life as Ammon knows it, is about to change. Perhaps for the last time.

Space Rogues: The Behemoth Job
-John Wilker


The adventure continues with the teams biggest job yet in Book 3! The Behemoth Job!

Encounter at Atlantis (Bridgeworld Book 2)


Will's first year at Bridgeworld was full of excitement, and his sophomore year promises to have even more. His school is taking part in the Terrestrial Studies Program at Atlantis--a place that Will didn't even know existed.  What will happen if Atlantis can't remain a secret? What is hidden in the depths of the legendary city? And what will happen if Will's two worlds suddenly collide?

Horrors, Inc. - James R. Vernon


Eddie Watson is an underachiever. He holds a degree in philosophy, but is perfectly content working as a janitor at the most advanced pharmaceutical and tech company in the world, Soladyne Corporation. Little does he know his job is about to take him on a strange journey into the bowels of the company's secret laboratories from where man's deepest fears have escaped to terrorize Eddie and his co-workers.