Hey Y'all!


I’m an audiobook narrator, podcast, and author (aspiring) Based out of Houston, TX and originally from Orange, TX. “Where is Orange?” said everyone ever… Orange, the last taste of Texas, is a small city on the border of Texas and Louisiana which means I’m just the right mix of country and bayou!


My audiobook journey began in many places. Growing up, being the “weird” kid doing voices and accents… continuing to annoy my friends and later wife with them as I moved forward into adulthood… entertaining my daughters with them! They don’t get annoyed, not yet at least. The love for audiobooks came as the saving grace for my sanity during the long commute to work in Houston traffic. When you have 1.5-2 hours to and from work every day, the same songs playing just gets old, but a good audiobook? NEVER! So for several years I was on the outskirts, thinking, dreaming… then started planning… the rest is now! 

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Story Tale Podcast was my first real step into the Audiobook world as far as narrating high quality published works goes. It has become a promotional tool for authors/publishers to use for Book and anthology launches as well as a platform for talented new authors to get stories published into audiobooks and get a jump start on their career. I have accepted stories from the new and budding through National, international and New York Times best sellers and continuing to grow! 

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Being a veracious reader and audiobook listener has given me a love of both the written and spoken word both. So, when not recording or prepping to record, I’m writing short stories, flash fiction and working on my novel. Who knows where this leads me! We shall see! May have to make a new tab at some point once published! (crosses fingers)


While all above is important, none is more important than being the best Husband and Father I can possibly be. I’m lucky enough to have married not only a beautiful woman, far beyond my class I may add, who supports me unwaveringly through all this craziness! We have 4 beautiful daughters, 8, 7, 7, and 5. As well as 2 dogs, because we’re insane people!


My Team!